Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Can Teenagers Earn Money

How can teenagers earn money? This is the question is asked by many teenagers because they also want to earn online money just like others. Most of the teenagers are students and they usually don’t know anything about online earning methods. Here i will be giving you an idea that will not only help you in your studies but you will also be earning some cash.
This idea about how can teenagers earn money is taken from one of my friends. He was learning a computer language C++ in his school. While he was learning, he thought why not to make his notes on a blogger blog. So he registered a free blogger blog and started writing on the topic every day, that he learned from his class. This blog was his lecture notes. He wrote in his own style so that he may revise the course easily before the exams. I asked him to put google ads on the blog. He did that.

After some days, his blog was picked by Google and the pages were indexed. Surprisingly the visitors started coming on the blog without creating any backlinks and clicks were generated. Now he is earning from his lecture notes blog. :-)

So just do like that. This is how teenagers can earn money easily. Just pick your favorite topic and start adding one article on every lecture you are getting from your school. Your articles or posts must be in your own words, to avoid duplication. Keep on adding the content and don’t loose heart. You will see the traffic coming to your blog and some of them will be clicking on your Google Ads.

This method is really simple and easy and teenagers don’t need to invest any thing. This will also help in their studies and they will also learn how the things are going on the internet. My friends have made the blogs on different topics like camilla engagement ring, pandora like jewelry, italian malocchio beads, magnetic charm bracelets, glass silver beads, lemon juice and tooth enamel and on many other topics. But you can select the topic of your own choice like baby shower cakes for girls, fashion and jewelry or any other.

If anybody don’t know how to setup a blog and how to see the traffic and other things etc, see this post:

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