Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earn Money In Easy Way Now

Everyone wants to earn  money in easy way now. But you should note that there is no easy way to earn online money, even online. If there is an easy way, then you cannot earn a good cash. And for a good and constant income you need to do the lots of efforts, that is not easy.  As i have already said in my earlier posts that Google Adsense is the company that really pays and works honestly. You can earn a good money if you don’t cheat and do the hard work on continuous basis.

Today, i will talk about the adsense sharing websites. These are the websites where you can register for free and can submit your articles. The good thing is that these websites will allow you to place your own Google Ads with your Adsense ID and you can earn from the clicks on your articles. The concept is revenue sharing. Some websites share 50% revenue and some others share more or less. If sharing is 50%, then your Google Ads will be shown on your articles on every second page impression. In this way your Google Ads will be getting 50% exposure and hence 50% chances to earn from adsense clicks.

In this article i will talk about one good website and that is xomba dot com. This website shares 50% revenue with the writers. You can join free and submit unlimited xombytes or articles. If you google the term “adsense sharing websites”, you will get  a long list. But remember that it is enough if you are working on a single website, if you are doing it in the right way.

Some Tips To Earn Money In Easy Way Now From Adsense Sharing Websites

Here are the tips if you want to be successful in making good and easy money from adsense sharing websites.

   1. Join any website that gives maximum sharing, like 50% or above. Plus also look at the PR of website and check if it is hugee or not. Select a website having PR4 or above and have hundreds or thousands of users and the website is in the market for many years. My recommendation is to join xomba dot com.
   2. Do the research work and select at least 10 topics to write on. The topics or keywords should be long-tails. For example “earn money” is a main keyword and it will be very difficult to get top Google ranking for this keyword. But the keyword like “Create your own comic book and earn money” is a long-tail and you can easily rank higher for this term in Google. Select about 1o keywords like that. You can write on any topic like sterling silver beads, chamilia charm bracelets, best teeth whitening, pandora jewelry, online self defense or any other topic.
   3. In your article you should repeat your target keyword in every para. Your article should be 300 words or longer divided into many paragraphs.
   4. Publish one article per day. After publishing your article on a long-tail keyword, create backlinks for your published article. You can go to social bookmarking websites like digg, stumpedia, folkd, reddit and create links for your published article. Also join some free forums and participate in discussion and leave your link back to your articles, in your signature.

Repeat the step 3 and 4 and keep on adding more articles and add back-links.

This is the easy way of earning money online.  You can earn money in easy way now by following the above discussed tips.

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