Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earn Online Money Through Affiliate Marketing

In this post i will briefly discuss how to earn online money through affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple and easy to understand. In this business you are trying the sell the products of other vendors. For each sale you will be getting some sales commission. The sales commission may be like 1%-50% , depending upon the products and companies.

But How Can I Sell These Products To Earn Online Money?
Affiliate marketing can be done by many ways. You can do it with or without having a website. Email marketing is a common way. You can email people telling them about some products and when people will click on the link they will go to the product website where they can do the purchase.

But usually affiliate marketing is done by making a website as it becomes really easy and more effective when you are using the website to sell the products of other companies. If you cannot afford a new website or don’t want to invest then best option is using the blogger blog. You can make the free blog in minutes and establish your website for doing the affiliate marketing.

I Have Made My Website – Now Tell Me How To Go Ahead?

Good. But you should select your niche or market or type of products that you want to sell from your website. This selection should be done before making your website or blog. You can choose any topics like health, finance, pandora jewelry or any topic that you have interest in. Suppose that you have some knowledge about acne and acne treatment. It means that you should make a website around the topic of acne treatment.

Create your website and add some articles about acne and acne treatment. Try to write long articles of about 600-1000 words. You should write about 10 articles in the start and then keep on adding more articles after few days. Then start creating some backlinks to your website by writing some short articles on article directories. When your website will start getting backlinks from other websites and you will keep on adding some articles after few days, Google will rank your website for some keywords. In this way, you will be gettting some traffic to your website.

Now I am Getting Good Traffic To My Website – Tell Me How To Earn Online Money, Now?

Now you need to select the products that are related to acne treatment. There are many websites from where you can pick the products to promote. But i will give you the links of only 3  websites. These are:




You can start working with any of these. You can register on these websites for free and can browse for the products. Search for the best selling products on these websites related to acne care. Don’t worry about the sales commission. If you are choosing the best selling products with lower commissions, then it is better than to choose the low selling products with higher commissions. People usually like to buy the products with good and many buyer’s reviews.

After you have selected your products, these websites will give you an affiliate link. This link will contain your ID. You need to add these links in your website content. You can also add images, banners and other formats to advertise the products on your website. But it is observed that in-post links work the best. You can check many options and see what works best for you.

How Will I Get Paid?

It is simple. People are coming on your website as they are interested in acne treatment. When they will reach on your website, they will see a link telling about some great acne care cream that can cure acne in 2 weeks. Some of your visitors will click on this link and will be taken to the website of the company who is actually selling that cream. As your ID was embedded in the link, it will be tracked that you had actually sent that customer on the seller website. When customer will buy the product, your commission will be added in your account.

So, you see that how simple is the overall process. But keep in mind that actual task and problem is to generate traffic to your website. Greater the traffic on your website, greater will be the sales and profits.

I have written this post for the beginners. I hope that you have learned how to earn online money through affiliate marketing.

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