Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Want To Earn Online Money? Promote Your Website

If you want to earn online money then you need to attract traffic to your website. And please remember that you cannot earn good money if you have no or very little search engine traffic. For better search engines ranking you need to get the backlinks to your website with the target keyword as anchor. For instance if i want to rank one of my websites higher for the keyword pandora jewelry, then i need lots of backlinks to my website with the anchor text “pandora jewelry”. Similiarly if i need to rank one of my website pages for the keyword wedding pandora charms and teeth whitening tips, then i need to point many backlinks to that pages with the same anchor texts.

The quality of backlinks is very important. If you are getting many many backlinks from PR0 webpages then these are good. But if you can manage to get a single backlink of say PR4 or PR5 then your webpage ranking will be very high.

Here i am sharing with you an easy tip to get those high PR backlinks to your website.

Most of the blog websites are using Wordpress blog. And many of them use a widget called “Top Commentators”. The top 7 or 10 commentators names and links are posted on every page of the blog with DoFollow attribute. This is the great way to get a good exposure for your website and to get high quality and high PR backlinks. Here i am giving you the names of good blogs:




You can search on google for top commentators enabled blogs. But before using these blogs and others keep the following things in mind:

a) You should only comment wisely and after reading the full post. Give the comments to discuss the different aspects of current topic.

b) The top commentators list is updated on monthly basis, so you need to actively participate in the blogs every month to keep your link in the list.

Hopefully, this little post will help you to make money online by getting more and more quality backlinks to your website.

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