Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visa information

Depending on the length and type of stay in any other country, every one needs the valid visa to enter in that country. The detail of the word visa and the types of visas are as follow:

What is a Visa?
Although more commonly known as " a visa " entry clearance is also a term used to describe the application process for foreign nationals who want to go to any other country but who must show they qualify for entry before they arrive.
If you need a visa for that country you must get it before you travel ( for detail information plese check more links of this section )

Do I need a Visa?
* If you : are a national of any other country; or
* are stateless ( there are some exceptions); or
* hold a non-national travel document; or
* hold a passport issued by an authority not recognised by that country;

you must have a valid visa every time you enter that country unless you qualify for excemptions as explained in the leaflet of that country.
Please note that when you arrive in that country you may be questioned by an Immigration Officer so take all relevant documentation in your hand luggage.

Type of Visa
The following are the main types of visa that a person required to enter in that country : (by clicking on them you will get the detail of that type according to the specific country).

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