Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Immigration Guide

Immigration means that " you want to migrate to any other country and want to settle down there for your rest of life."

If you succeed in getting the immigration then you will become a nation member of that country, you will get all the benefits of that country, can do any sort of job and the same rules will apply that are for the nations of that country.

Permanent Residency
A Permanent Residency grants you the permission to
live and work lawfully anywhere in the country of your choice. It also allows you to have an access on various social programs. Being a skilled professional you can make your home abroad with the help of your education and work experience.

There is some criteria to get the Immigration, so if you fullfill the requirements of immigration, you should apply for that. But before applying you should take an assessment of yourself that either you are eligible for the immigration or not.

The countries who offer the immigration to the nation of other countries ( Pakistan, India, Bangladash, China, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Lebnan etc etc) are United Kindom UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States of America (USA).

The detail of the immigration is :

* United Kingdom Immigration.
* Canadian Immigration.
* Australian Immigration.
* New Zealand Immigration.
* United States Immigration.

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