Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sania Bhabhi must stay in Pakistan

Despite all the drama surrounding the upcoming wedding of Sania Mirza with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, Miss Pakistan Ayesha Gilani is all too eager to welcome Sania 'bhabhi' to Pakistan. “Sania bhabhi and Shoaib make a great couple and both are from sports; they suit each other.
And I don't think they are that different culturally, as Shoaib also has some family remaining
in India, '' says the 27 -year-old, adding, “Of course, they may not represent the two nations, but at least people can look up to them as a beacon of hope and peace for Pakistan-India relations.'

However, Gilani, who's studying English and Administration in Washington, is against her 'bhabhi' settling in Dubai. “I'd prefer she settle in Karachi, as I think it would be better for Shoaib to be in his homeland.

And after marriage, the bride has to live in her husband's home, and Karachi is his home, '' she says. The Lahore-born beauty has a word of advice for the groom.

“I'd expect him to be a good husband and a great father to her children, and to fulfil all what a happy married life needs. That's all one wishes for a marriage.'

' Asked about her reaction to hardliners in India calling Sania unpatriotic for choosing a Pakistani, she says, “No one can blame love or fate. Calling her unpatriotic is a bit ridiculous; she's never said that she won't play for India. These are insecurities that certain extremists have. It's unfortunate for them to say such things at such a happy occasion.''

About claims by Hyderabad girl Ayesha Siddiqui that she's already married to Malik, Ayesha says, “We all are innocent until proven guilty. If Ayesha Siddiqui can come up with proof, she should be given a chance to be heard.''

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