Thursday, April 8, 2010

John and I don't feel the need to get married: Bipasha

Bipasha and John may be dating for years now but the duo has not still given thought to their marriage plans. It's not that Bips doesn't have faith in the institution of marriage but her relationship with John is so fulfilling that she doesn't feel the need to marry him.
"There are no plans and there is no pressure to get married. And actually we don't feel the need to get married now.
We do believe in the institution
of marriage. Our intentions were very clear since year one that the relationship is for keeps. But somethings happen when they have to happen and I don't think it is time yet, " Bipasha told in an interview.

Bipasha and John, who started dating in 2002, have seen ups and down in their relationship but the couple has stood strong together and the actress credits the success of their rock solid relationship to their similar values.

"We are very similar. Our ideologies in life are very similar. Our roots, family values are same. Besides we enjoy a lot of support from both of our families, " Bipasha said.

Another passion which keeps the couple together is their obsession with fitness. While hunky John is well known for a body to-die-for, Bipasha has gone a step ahead and launched her 'Love Yourself' fitness DVD sharing secrets behind her fab body and the star claims that it is a major sell out.

"It is selling like hot cakes. The absolute compliment is that complete strangers walk up to me and say that they have experienced a change after my DVD which is so heartening. My trainers are complaining that they are losing customers because now they exercise with my fitness DVD at home. This is a huge compliment, " Bipasha said.

But how does the new fitness regime has changed Bips herself?

“My philosophy towards fitness and health is very simple and straight forward. I believe in the motto Love Yourself.Treat your body like a temple and worship it, " she said and added, " To excel in your career, relationship and even looking after your near and dear ones, you need a fit body to push yourself to go over the mark and reach the top."

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