Monday, March 29, 2010

Katrina Kaif injured while dancing with Akshay

Katrina Kaif ended up getting hurt while shooting a groovy dance sequence with Akshay Kumar for Farah Khan’s film Tees Maar Khan at Malshej Ghat.

A few hours’ drive from Mumbai.It appears that both Katrina and Akshay were in a groovy mood and wanted to put.

Their best foot forward while filming a ballet-like dance sequence on Friday. However, due to some mistiming in the dance move or perhaps they got too close, Katrina’s head bumped into Akshay’s jaw and teeth.

Strangely, nothing happened to Akshay but Katrina got injured on her head and felt dizzy and disoriented after the bump.

While Farah Khan rushed to look after her, Akshay was in a jocular mood and scared Katrina further by saying that she would have to get a few stitches.

Katrina was attended by a doctor and given all medical attention. She’s learnt to have resumed the film’s shoot now.

Just a few days back, Katrina had fainted on the sets of the movie. Before that she battled a series of health scares including food poisoning and surgery.

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