Monday, March 29, 2010

Akshay Kumar becomes highest tax payer in Bollywood

Bollywood action star Akshay Kumar has once again managed to earn the title for the highest-tax payer in the industry by making advance payment of Rs. 9 crore in service tax for the month of March.

With this latest payment he has taken the total amount paid in taxes for 2010 to a staggering Rs. 18 crore! “It feels good and privileged to be the highest tax payer.

It is also a greater sense of responsibility,” said the actor, who’s currently busy shooting for his next venture ‘Tees Maar Khan.’ Reportedly, for the year of 2008-09, the actor had paid tax of Rs. 31 crore in advance.

Akshay perfect for conveying timely tax payment message Akshay Kumar, who’s known for making his service tax payment well in advance, for the last four years, was picked by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) to star in an ad film to promote timely payment of taxes in masses.

As per a source familiar with the matter, “Akshay Kumar has always been meticulous when it comes to paying his taxes and is willing to help in whatever way he can to encourage citizens to do the same.” CBEC believed that Akshay’s consistency and dedication towards the cause makes him the perfect role model.

“Along with fulfilling my tax duties, I also feel the time has come for me to give back to society and the country at large. Which is why I am also using my brand status to do an ad for service tax. If I can get my message across to even half the people across, I feel it would be worth it,” said Akshay.

List of Bollywood celebrity tax payers Here’s a list of Bollywood stars that pay their taxes in advance. Abhishek has paid Rs 4.15 crore in taxes; while his better-half Aishwarya Rai shelled Rs 2 crore and Big B paid Rs 2.9 crore.

New star on the Bollywood scene, Ranbir Kapoor paid his advance tax of Rs 2.1 crore. Actor Saif Ali Khan paid Rs 1.52 crore while his lady love Bebo paid Rs 1.45 crore. Saif was closely followed by Salman Khan with his advance tax payment of Rs 1.5 crore.

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