Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vidya’s multiple 'shades'

We thought Vidya Balan’s favourite accessories were her signature style jhumkas, the chunky beaded neck pieces, and even the rudraksha she so stylishly flaunts.
But wait... there is a dark side to this Southern beauty, too. Yeah, her favourite accessory is sunglasses – of all shapes, sizes and super-stylish brands.
The lady can resist shopping clothes, shoes, bags and even her cool kurtas and designer saris, but the minute she spots dark glasses, she turns into a ‘shades shopaholic’. Recently, while shooting in Delhi she surprised her staff with the way she went on a shade shopping spree. Well lovely Vids, we aren’t as excited about your wide-range of sexy shades. How do we get a closer look at those lovely, deep, brown eyes? Tell us.

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