Monday, May 10, 2010

Priyanka Chopra's body basics

Priyanka Chopra’s fitness regime has gone for a toss just before she begins shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi.
That was previously hosted by the daredevil Akshay Kumar. The actor has shown that she likes to be a perfectionist in her work and thus has pressed.
The panic button because she doesn’t want to be underprepared when she does the deadly stunts.
That the reality show on
Colors is known to belt out. By being not up to the mark on fitness would mean that Priyanka might also be running.
The risk of getting injured while doing the strenuous stunts as her body has not been adequately built to take the pressure and stress.
“Due to the hectic travel schedule that Priyanka has been having for the past four months having travelled to.
US for her movie Anjaana Anjaani, then Malaysia and now Coorg for the shooting of Saat Khoon Maaf; she hasn’t really got enough time to work on her fitness.
She was in Mumbai too for three days but there was so much happening and she needed to do so much that she had no time to hit the gym. She needs to build her body and stamina to cope up with the back-breaking stunts that the show will have this time around. The stunts are getting harder and tougher every year.With her body not being in the level that can easily cope up with these action sequences, she runs a great risk,” says an insider very close to the developments.
“Priyanka understands this and has thus given a deep thought on how to work on her fitness even when she is travelling. She immediately reached a solution to her problem as she has now flown her trainer Nadir from Mumbai to her outdoor shoot in Coorg where she will be camped for nearly two months.
Priyanka now religiously makes it a point to work out on her fitness for a minimum one hour right after her shooting ends for the day. She is now shaping up very well to take on the show. Priyanka has done action before like in Don and Drona and thus her body is quite trained to handle action. She now just has to take her body back to that level,” reveals an eyewitness from Coorg.

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