Monday, May 10, 2010

Neha's addicted to action flicks

Neha Dhupia seems to be quite a toughie at heart. Having already shown a penchant for action in her last few films, the actress is now self-admittedly addicted to action. So, when Neha got a chance to perform some stunts for the promos of an upcoming show, she refused to let them pass to a stunt double, insisting on doing even the risky stuff herself.

“Performing a stunt is absolutely thrilling and satisfying. I think it makes you realise that you can do and achieve anything that you give your 100 per cent to,” says Neha. About her co-star Akshay Kumar, who’s probably rubbed off his action streak on Neha, she adds, “I now understand why Akshay enjoys being the daredevil that he is. I totally relate to the adrenaline rush one gets while doing a stunt.”

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