Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love to stroll on a beach - Hot Amrita

Bollywood hottie Amrita Rao as she shares her cool summer mantras to beat the heat.
The best way to beat the sweltering Mumbai heat is to take off to some place cooler.
Shooting in this heat is anyway near impossible as the heat tends to not.
Only melt away your make-up, but interests, too. But if I’m not shooting and do not have.
The option of taking off to Manali
that is the one place I love most in India.
I love to spend my time indoors, just chilling out with cool drinks.
The heat is a natural appetite killer, so in a way it’s a good time for people who wish to diet or lose weight. So, skip the heavy lunches and opt for loads of fruit and vegetable salads instead.
I prefer home-made food like curd-rice, and a lot of salads with cucumber. That apart, chaas is an absolute must. Through the day, you’ll see me sipping cool drinks like coconut water, fresh-lime water and loads of juices specially water-melon.
Going out in the day is something I avoid, I do like to step out in the evenings though. A stroll on the beach is what I ache to do, but it’s near impossible with the crowds around. So, instead I go for a long drive with friends or catch up a movie or go shopping. I love binging on mangoes, too, but I would advise anyone who loves mangoes as much as I do, to remember and drink a glass of cold milk after it.
Summer fruits like lychees and cherries are my favourites and I eat as much as I want to, without having to worry about piling on the pounds. All in all, I still celebrate summer, as I would as a child. So, nothing’s cooler than catching up with friends, watching movies and chilling out literally

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