Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Start Earn Online Without Investment

Thinking how to earn online money??? Today i will write something about “how to start earning online without any investment“. This post is for the people who don’t know much about online money earning techniques. I will include some tips that will be useful for all the people.
First of all i want to tell you that it is absolutely possible to earn online with zero investment. You can earn 6 figures income too with zero investment. But of course, that will require a lots of effort and time. Today, i want to show you how to make at least $10/day with little efforts.

Step 1: Create a Free Website

To start earning online you need a website that you can manage yourself and where you can place the ads of different companies. There are many free webhosting providing companies, but i would recommend you to use the blogger.com. You just need a gmail account and then go to www.blogger.com and register a free blog. But before doing this you must select a topic for your website. You should select a topic or keyword that is searched by people. Just select a keyword that is searched about 5o-100 times every day. For checking this you can use the Wordtracker free tool. Here is the link:


First of all think that on what topic you can write on your own. May be you would love to write on health topics because you have medical background. Or you may write on C programming if you are a computer programmer. After you have selected your main areas of interest, note down on a paper. Now search these topics on the wordtracker tool. Suppose you have selected the main topic “earn money online“. When you will type this keyword in the wordtracker tool, it will list you all the related keywords with the daily traffic to those keywords. Choose the keyword with daily traffic of about 50 visits, as it will be easier to choose. When i looked at the list i found a keyword “earn extra money at home online” with about 52 visits per day.

Now i need to get a blog name that should contain the above keyword. I just visited the www.blogger.com and checked the blog name:


Great news, it is still available :-) I am not going to reserve that blog. I am leaving this name to my readers. The one who will register that name will get the above backlink from this page :-)

Now you have got a brand new blog. You need to write the articles on your new blog. Make a list of related topics for this main keyword. These sub topics may be like:

    * Different Ways To Earn Extra Money Online
    * An Easy Method To Earn Extra Money While Staying At Your Home

… etc

Now write the long articles on these subtopics and publish on your blog. You should write one article per week.

Step 2:  Drive Traffic To Your Webiste

Now you need to generate traffic to your website from search engines. For this purpose you need to get the backlinks from other websites for the anchor text that is your target keyword. The simple and easy method is to write the articles on other websites like articlesbase and ezinearticles.com. While writing articles you should leave a link back to your website for the keyword that you had selected in the step 1. The articles published on articlesbase.com are picked by other webmasters and in this way you will be getting the links from other websites just for free. With the growing in the backlinks your site will be up in the rankings for your selected keyword.

When your blog will be on first page of google for your target keyword, you will be getting the targetted traffic to your blog. Try to get 1st or any position between 1-3 on google 1st page. This will give you maximum traffic.

Step 3: Place Ads To Earn Money

You should also register to google analytics to observe the traffic trends on your blog. When you start getting some traffic you should place some ads like google ads or affiliate links to earn money. You can apply for an adsense account within your blogger account. If you want to get some affiliate links then go to www.cj.com and get some for free.

Now as you are getting the targetted traffic from the search engines, you will get the interested people in your topic and they will surely be clicking on your adsense ads and affiliate links and you will be earning money every day. But dont forget to keep on getting more and more back links for your blog.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

Now you have started earning daily money from your first blog. Now make another blog by following these three steps. Suppose you are getting $2/day from your first blog. Then add another blog and make it $4/day and keep on doing this work. If you can do hard work on daily basis, you will b earning $100/day by making many blogs.

Hopefully, this article has helped to learn how to start earn online without investment.


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