Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glam and de-glam Katrina in RAAJNEETI!

A lot has been written about how director Prakash Jha has given a complete image makeover to Katrina Kaif in his upcoming political drama RAAJNEETI, something that we had informed our patrons about a long time back. However, for those young guns (read fans) Who were disappointed with our news and wanted to see the hot, sensuous and glamorous Katty baby, we have good news
as well.It's true that Katrina will be seen in a typical 'Hindustani' woman 'avatar' complete with crisp cotton sarees, sans make up but that is quite but not totally true!
As per director Prakash Jha, Katrina will also be seen in her usual glamorous highly loved image in the beginning of the film. He discloses that Katrina plays a spoilt brat, daughter of a stinking rich man who wears modern and sexy dresses.
It's only after she is pushed into politics due to certain circumstances that she dons the dresses and mannerisms of a politician and undergoes a drastic image makeover. Must add that it would be a double delight to see Katrina in both glamorous (albeit for a very short time) and deglamourized 'avatar' in RAAJNEETI which is all set to release and conquer the box-office on 4th June all over.

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