Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bollywood Tweet Diary

A quick update on what the stars are saying in 140 characters. Mallika Sherwat and her snake was the talking point at the ongoing Cannes film festival. Check out her twit pic with a snake around her neck.
She tweeted, "And now for a very special and private photo shoot in Cannes with my date, Rudy the Sssnake :)"
She was also working double time with the producers of Hisss announcing their release
dates and even signed autographs with a snake around her neck.
She then posed in a lavender avatar on the red carpet for a Variety magazine do. Later she was seen putting a nude dress act for the red carpet.
She followed up with a black zippy version as she headed to "meet Microsoft founder Paul Allen on his yacht :). Whew!
Apparently, her flesh-tone dress got her on the best dressed women list! The only Indian amongst the thirteen on day 1!
She tweeted, "omg tweeps! In front of everyone super-designer Valentino said I'm one of most beautiful and glamorous women he's ever seen! I can die now, jk!"
What's more, no one can tweet-drop names like Mallika. Sample this: "with maestro Shekhar Kapur at the Majestic salon. He's on the Cannes jury this year. Dont mess with him! lol." "me and Salma Hayek. Her and her hubby are so sweet :). And she's even more beautiful in person!"

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