Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif Rhyming up for the toddlers

Salman Khan’s invention Katrina Kaif has, hitherto, been enchanting the adults (especially the male brigade) with her sizzling, seductive and sexy looks.
But, now, she has come up with a new avatar as she has launched Rhymeskool, a nursery rhyme album for toddlers.
In collaboration with the Mozart of Madras AR Rahman, Katrina has lent her voice for the composition of the album.
That has the nursery poems in
a rhythmic, child-friendly manner. Speaking of her endeavour towards betterment of children education.
She quips, “Nursery rhymes are the very first things children learn and I would like to help them take their first steps in life.
Besides, I love children and there is no better way to connect with them than through music.” Katrina’s mom is already deep into the philanthropic world.
And Katrina is happy to step into her charity shoes. Katrina plans to donate the CDs of this music album to an orphanage home (Mercy Home Orphanage) in Madurai.
Besides, Katrina also adds wittily that she would reserve one copy for her own kid. And, quizzed about her favourite nursery rhyme and she gushes.
It was twinkle, twinkle little star. Now that there is a rap version, my favourite nursery rhyme has gotten even better.”

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