Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful Katrina Kaif Launches Rhymeskool With A.R. Rahman

One is a musician par excellence who has won every possible award, the other is a gorgeous beauty who has managed to make a mark for herself as one of the top actresses.
In Bollywood and together they came to launch a music album of nursery rhymes for kids. Yes we are indeed talking about the one and only A.R.Rahman and Katrina Kaif
who jointly launched Rhymeskool yesterday in Mumbai.
Released under Sa Re Ga Ma, Rhymeskool has nursery rhymes for small children which have been composed by Rahman and rendered by Katrina Kaif.
Speaking on this occasion, Rahman said, “I want to thank Sa Re Ga Ma for trusting K.M.Music Conservatory with this project. I want to thank Selva who has been mentoring the kids, Johnny my band-mate and also all the staff, teachers from my school who have been working on this project.
I would also like to thank Katrina for her kind gesture and for being part of this project.” Katrina also seemed more than happy to be associated with this project. She said, “Education for children is something that is very important for this country. It’s a topic that is very close to my mother’s and my heart.
I would like to thank Sa Re Ga Ma for coming up with such a noble initiative. For me, it was a great honour to be associated with something Rahman saab was doing. I feel really happy being here and hope that we can achieve what we set out to.
If the kids like it, we can may be come out with more such interesting concepts in the future.” Katrina also said that she would be distributing the CD’s at the Mercy Home orphanage in Madurai that she and her mother are closely associated with.

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