Monday, May 10, 2010

Akshay Kumar- The Keep Away Syndrome!

Akshay Kumar, who is normally seen as a cool dude, who rarely loses his cool, was recently seen as a real hot tempered guy who nearly shooed away all the journalists who had gathered for the event of promotion of his latest flick Housefull’.
Reportedly, Akshay was busy scolding journalists who dared to ask him questions related to the movie, especially some tricky ones.
He seemed to have a keep away syndrome attached on that day! The actor was
particularly rude to a journalist who hesitantly asked him about the big fat cheques that he demanded from the producers.
Pat came a curt reply from Akki, stressing on the fact that he had opened up his own production House, so that problem of demanding so much money was solved.
Then, as if to prove that those reports were not true, reminded all present there that he had done the film 8/10, Tasveer’, and did not even get 4/2 for it.
Everyone present at the event was a bit taken aback by the curt and crisp answers given by the action star of bollywood. Probably, the pressure of handling three women under one roof, in the film was too much for him to handle, so the wrath came out on the poor journalists who dared to ask him any question at all!

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