Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Kangna likes scars

Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut is very disturb these days. The producer of one of her forthcoming films has said that her nonappearance from the sets due to her foot fracture has cost them a whopping Rs1.5 crore as the film was not insured.The actor, who has been at home since she broken her foot while doing a bike stunt, says, “It is not nice to hear that the people you are working with are counting money at a
time when I can’t even move. I can also point fingers. Even I can say that there was no proper trainer to do the stunt that led to the fracture.
Or that safety measure was not taken while doing such a dangerous stunt. There are things over which you don’t have control and no one is to be blamed for those. It was a freak accident.” However, this accident hasn’t deterred her never-say-die attitude even one bit. Though it would leave a permanent scar on her fractured leg, she doesn’t want to go in for plastic surgery.
“I hate plastic surgeries. So, though I will have a scar on my foot, it’s okay. I like scars. They remind you of the experiences you go through in life,” she says.
Kangna will now go for a stem cell surgery. She says, “I will be back on my feet soon and complete shooting. Doctors have told me that the stem cell surgery would help me get back to action speedily.”Though she might be on her feet soon, there are certain things that Kangna won’t be able to do for at least a couple of months.  “I cannot run, do serious movements or dance for the next couple of months.
But that’s okay because when it happened to me, I thought I had lost my leg.

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