Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vivek and Sushmita- Bridging Cold Waves?!

Of current, Vivek Oberoi and Sushmita Sen have been witnessed by many to be sharing a friendly dias. And media-lord forbid lest the norm be broken, rumours have started running amok! One upon a time, when Aish, former Miss World (‘94) was the love of Vivek’s life, Sush, Ex-miss Universe (also ‘94) had maintained an intentional distance from the actor. It was undoubtedly on account of the professional, and to some extent
personalized misgivings that has persisted between the two beauties.
Vivek and Sushmita, during his affair with Aish, and since, have diligently avoided each other, even in diverse social and professional situations.However, gone are the days when exchanging chat was a no-no between the two. Instead there is a new easygoing fun that has surfaced among Vivek and Sushmita. They have become such good friends that they have even pledged their patronage to the other’s individual activities. Vivek is concerned with Project, a charity for underprivileged girls from the city of Vrindavan.
Whereas Sushmita is concerned with I Am She, which primes models for the Miss Universe pageant.And now, one can expect to see the two attending to the affairs of the other’s cause.We confident hope that their benevolent friendship goes a long way in helping them and others!

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