Monday, April 12, 2010

There is a limit to my skin show:Rashmi Nigam

Rashmi Nigam hopes to make it big in Bollywood without a godfather. Rashmi Nigam debuted in PNC’s highly hyped 'Popkorn Khao Mast Ho Jayo' which unfortunately sank without a trace. But the model turned actress is far from disheartened.

She is all set to strike back with her upcoming film Mr. Black Mr. White where she has a major role opposite Arshad Warsi. In a tête-à-tête, the dreamy eyed beauty reveals all.

Q: So, what’s up with you these days?

A: Nothing much! But yes I am looking forward to my new film 'Mr. Black Mr. White' where I am paired opposite Arshad Warsi. I am very much excited about the film and my role too.

Q: After your first movie 'Popkorn Khao…' you almost disappeared. Where have you been all this while?
A: Didn’t disappear as such. Actually I was busy doing a lot of things which I wanted to do since long. I went to UK to meet my cousin and also did a few modeling assignments abroad and travelled a lot. You can say I used the time to pamper myself.

Q: Were you busy with ad films and music videos?
A: Yes, I did a few. There was this advertisement for Hotel J. W. Mariott and I have also done a campaign for a jewellery brand in Delhi. Apart from these, I have also done a photo shoot for an international magazine’s Indian edition.

Q: How was the experience with your first movie? Did u get any good compliments for your role?
A: Oh it was excellent working with the team of 'Popkorn…' They always made me feel comfortable. As I was very new in this field, I witnessed all the aspects of film making like scripting, editing, dubbing etc. My producer and director appreciated me for my portrayal and also praised my talent.

Q: Do you have any regrets doing 'Popkorn…' as it didn’t do well? Was it disappointing?
A: No regrets at all. For me it was a break which every newcomer dreams of. Some get it after a lot of struggle and some like me get it easily. So, I think I am a blessed girl.

Q: As your new movie Mr. Black and Mr. White is up for release, tell us a little about your role?
A: In this film I am paired opposite Arshad Warsi. He keeps on conning his girlfriend. While everybody keeps on telling me that he is a fraud and may leave me anytime, I trust him blindly and finally end up witnessing what I was being told by people. All in all, you can say that he is Mr. Black and Sunil Shetty is Mr. White in the film.

Q: How did u bag this role?
A: Actually one of my neighbours who happen to be a fashion designer told me that Deepak Shivdasani is looking for a new face for his new film and she advised me to give it a try. I immediately got in touch with him and he asked me to meet him the next day. And after that, I was in the film.

Q: How do you think, you will make yourself noticed among all the big names in the film?
A: Definitely with my work. Only after seeing my work, people will come to know what I am capable of.

Q: Are you nervous or too excited on the eve of your second release?
A: I was supposed to be nervous, but with the newly found confidence, which I got from doing the acting course at Anupam Kher’s institute this February, I have learnt to take up challenges in life and I am very eagerly awaiting the release. I do not worry any more about my future. I just want to be focused on my work and wanna hone my skills.

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