Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shiv Sena after Shahrukh … again!

The Shiv Sena is determined to get Shah Rukh Khan by hook or by crook (crook is highlighted in to be read with extra emphasis)! They are back with yet another issue against King Khan, this time targeting his bunglow in Bandstand. The Sena holds it against SRK that the actor has changed the name of heritage home from Vienna Villa to Mannat.
Subhash Desai remarks that the property is inherited, thus its name ought not to be changed in
honoring the preservation of our ancestral acquisitions. Unless of course, that the heritage committee were to permit SRK this alteration. He further comments that the violation is being tolerated in recognition of Shahrukh’s legal ownership of the estate.Nonetheless, he strongly opines that Khan shouldn’t have been allowed to change the name.
From the IPL Pakistan player exclusion controversy, to the sabotage of sales during the release and showcasing of SRK’s MNIK in February this year, to this entire renaming issue of a Khan owned mansion, Shiv Sena has pursued the cause of belittling the actor publicly at every occasion possible. For your sake Shah Rukh, we sure hope they will find some better job for themselves, and soon!

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