Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan Thinks Bollywood Stars will Soon Go Gobal

As the younger Indian generation is fast adapted to the class and grace of western world cinema and culture our bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan feels that the upcoming fresh Indian filmmakers have the higher capability to compete with the international racers.
  Things are fast changing and are sooner picking with the ethos and grace of international standards, giving Hindi film a global look, Khan highlighted.
“They have learned the
technique and technology, and writing from the western world. They're like, OK, we can compare. And somehow Indians at this juncture feel, you know what?
To be really proud, we need to make films which make a mark in the world.” Quite positive and confident about the new upcoming trendsetter of Bollywood, Shah Rukh with praise mentioned, “Much sooner than anyone would expect.
The younger filmmakers, I think are completely new-thinking people. Much sooner than anyone would expect, most certainly" even though "all the main standard in the world becomes how much dollar value that finally the business brings, and that's how you're big."
From the assumption of next immediate five to six years, Khan feels that there will definitely be a different scenario with further advancement, apart from language bar he added.
"But I can see it happening in the next five or six years, very easily. But the time is coming now, because ...if you see a new Indian film, you'll realise that the language is more 'Hinglish'" he said referring to the use of liberal use of English terms in Hindi films.”

Stating Hindi as Hinglish which is fast accumulating to the interest of the westerner’s, Khan is quite positive that India will be fast competiting with their international competitors , he stated, "You know, we're using, and we don't have to translate it anymore, everyone understands it.
And everyone uses it every day. So, all that will break down and other cinemas will come over, will come, and they'll use the technology and a lot of technicians from here." Hope things come faster in Shah Rukh's way of visualization.

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