Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shah Rukh in middle of controversy once again

No sooner that the controversy around SRK's comments on Pakistani cricket players has settled down, the actor finds himself in yet another controversy related to the IPL.
This time round, it's the courtesy of inner wear brand Lux Cozy, of which, SRK is the recently appointed brand ambassador.
The story goes that, since SRK is the brand ambassador of the said brand, it was rest understood as to they will be sponsoring the uniforms for Khan's.

T-20 team Kolkata Knight Riders, besides a monetary angle of course. All was well so far. Now the twist in the tale is that the Lux Company is owned by.
The Todi brothers (Ashok and Pradip). They are the same Todi brothers who were charged with apparently leading to.
The suicide of computer graphics designer Rizwanur Rehman, a Muslim, after he married Ashok Todi's daughter Priyanka, who was a Hindu by religion.
This news had made it to the national headlines and remained atop for quite sometime. This 'sponsorship' move by SRK for KKR with the said brand has not been taken kindly by many.
That's the reason why it has sparked anger in many people's heart. Not just that, since it has a religious pinch to it.
A few religious bodies too have come in the forefront to express their opposition. In the lieu of all this, there has been a meeting that has been arranged which will include artistes, actors, dancers, writers, performers and also a few prominent names express solid opposition to the controversial tie-up.

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