Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nana ebmbarrasses Ranbir Kapoor, shocks Katrina

That they got along like a house on fire during the shooting of Raajneeti is a well-known fact. And the main reason for it was their frank and forthright nature.

Both Nana and Ranbir call a spade and don't care for the repercussions. During their long schedule in Bhopal Nana and Ranbir had many meals together (to which no other member of the crew was invited) and discussed all things cinema from Raj Kapoor to Mehul Kumar.

But the fact that Nana's blunt speak could cause Ranbir public embarrassment had not been foreseen by the younger actor.

So it happnened on Saturday in Delhi during a public event for Raajneeti. In front of media-persons Nana declared Ranbir had no faith in the last film that starred Ranbir and Katrina, namely Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

For a minute there was a stunned silence among the stars of Raajneeti specially Katrina who tried not to look anxious and embarrassed.

Laughs Prakash, “Yes this incident did happen. A mediaperson asked Nana if he feels Raajneeti would be a success. Nana rightly replied there's no predicting the boxoffice. That Ranbir had no faith in Ajab Prem… which was such a success. You know how Nana is. He speaks from the heart. ”

Though Ranbir seemed quite cool with Nana's heart talk one wonders what the Ajab Prem… director Raj Kumar Santoshi feels about it.

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