Monday, April 12, 2010

Ken Ghosh prefers Genelia over Jiah

It's high time for Nishabd girl Jiah Khan to wake up and smell the coffee, if she wants to continue in Bollywod. 
According to reports, the actress has been replaced by Jaane Tu... girl Genelia D'Souza in Ken Ghosh's Yahoo.
A source informs that Ken Ghosh decided to sign Jiah while shooting for Ghajini, thinking that she will have star value after the film's release.

His hunch was right, the film worked well at the box-office, but he was in for disappointment when he saw the trial rushes of Yahoo.
Presumably, Ken didn't like Jiah's work in the trial rushes of the film and he decided to drop her. He also offered the film to Katrina and Kangna, but they weren't interested. Finally, it is Genelia D'Souza who has been finalised for the role.
However, rumour mill suggests otherwise. Apparently, Ken Ghosh and Jiah Khan got friendly on the sets of the film Yahoo and the differences began to crop up after 60 per cent of the film was shot. Taking the friendship with Ken for granted, Jiah started turning up late on the sets. She also threw tantrums and made unusual demands.
Ghosh reached his saturation point when Jiah openly laughed at the debacle of his last film Fida. Jiah has apparently managed to upset Aamir Khan and Shahid Kapur on previous occasions. Oh Jiah, that's some attitude from a new kid on the block!

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