Sunday, April 11, 2010

Katrina Kaif wants to marry, have kids

At the age of 24, Katrina Kaif has seen success and stardom. And though her focus is singularly on her career, she does hope to get married someday and have kids.
“One needs to fulfil other roles to be complete as a woman, I think. Eventually, I hope to settle down and I want to have a family, and have kids.
So there are many aspects that I have yet to achieve,” Katrina recently said in an interview. However, the actress did make it clear that marriage isn’t going to happen soon.

She has many milestones to reach as an actress and she hopes to set one with her upcoming film Raajneeti in which she’s cast in a performance oriented role. The movie has Katrina speaking long dialogues in shuddh Hindi. Though it was a challenge, Katrina said she was confident to take it.
“I knew, and I know, and I believe, I have the capacity to deliver the dialogues properly,” she is quoted to have said. In the interview, Katrina also revealed that she prays a lot to God and that her prayers have been answered.

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