Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jab Kareena Kapoor met Shahid Kapur at SRK MNIK bash!!

Heard this?? Kareena Kapoor, the sizzling hot size zero babe of bollywood who had been in a steady relationship.
with Shahid Kapur for almost four years before going with Saif Ali Khan, not only met her ex but they looked comfortable with each other at Shah Rukh Khan’s party at Mannat.
Sources present on the occasion say that initially there was hesitation on both sides, but when it became clear.
That it was not possible to see through each other at the party, Kareena and Shahid Kapur
wished each other and indulged in decent conversation. What is surprising that Kareena Kapoor.
And Shahid broke the ice in the presence of Saif Ali Khan (Kareena Kapoor’s current beau) at the party, who himself later joined the conversation.

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