Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a first - Bipasha reduced designer's fee for print ad

Bipasha Basu has been in the news for walking out of two recent shows. And now, a print ad for a well-known jewllery brand (endorsed by many B-Town actresses) featuring Bips ran into.
A problem because of the over-inflated budget submitted by her designer for the costumes.Says a source, "Print ad budgets cost anything between Rs 5-7 lakh but the Bongshell's budget for.
This one had skyrocketed to 12 lakhs! What was shocking was that Bips' designer Priyanjali had
charged five lakh for five outfits.
Other  expenditures  included studio charges, photographer fees, make-up and hair stylist, etc. When the owner saw the breakdown of the expensive photo shoot, he decided to cancel it.
The source continue "Bipasha also put her foot down and told the brand that she would stick to her designer and cancel the contract.
When it became clear th ebrand owner wouldn't change his mind, everyone tried to convince the actress to find a workable situation.
Finally, the designer's fee was drastically reduced and the ad was shot on Friday."However a source close to the Bengali bombshell adds, "It's not Bips but her endorsement agency that is responsible for inflating budgets of print shots or her walkouts from a few events."Bipasha's spokesperson  says, "I am not aware about the cancellation.
They took three alternate dates and finally shot on May 23 for the same. Every artiste is entitled to give couple of photographer and stylist options.The clients are free to choose and lock accordingly. They had problems fitting in one of the photographers' budget so we had given them five choices...
The same was true for stylists. The stylist who worked on the shoot charged only Rs 50,000 as her fee. The clothes depending from whom you source it or buy it from, vary in budgets. Priyanjali happily budgeted the clothes within the quote given by the brand and apparently, the shoot results are awesome."

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