Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hurricane Katrina hits Tees Maar Khan Akshay

The sets of Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder's Tees Maar Khan is constantly buzzing with rollicking and laughter thanks to the great bonding between the entire team.

One such incident that had the team in splits was during a wind storm that took over while the cast and crew were shooting for their Malshej schedule.

We come to hear that during the wind storm the team would scream “Hurricane Katrina” and constantly tease lead actress of Tees Maar Khan -Katrina Kaif.

Reveals a source “Malshej Ghat has these common wind storms and they are pretty strong since they have the strength to blow things off the set. At such times when the shooting would come to a halt the team would gang up and tease Katrina about it”

Off course Katrina Kaif being the sport that she is took no offense and laughed it off!

“Katrina Kaif doesn't throw starry tantrums and the team of Tees Maar Khan works together like a family. We shared a couple of laughs on the sets during the wind storm “adds the source.

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