Friday, April 2, 2010

Here comes real Savita Bhabhi to seduce you!

The sexual adventures of a Hot Indian housewife Savita Bhabhi will shortly be available on internet TV portal. The hugely popular porn comic chaarachter is also going to get a human face in Divya Dwivedi, who has till date appeared in around 20 films but failed to get noticed.
Divya wants to be known as Rekha Kumari for her Savita Bhabhi role and feels that playing an adult star is
similar to the challenge of playing a classic courtesan like 'Umrao Jaan'.
"It's just another role for mw. In a lot of mainstream Bollywood films, heroines do very vulgar and objectionable stuff. In the show, I do not wear revealing clothes like a bikini. Also, I do not have any steamy scenes,” she says.
Divya ... oops Rekha was last seen in 'Jahan Jaaeyega Hamen Paaeyega' with Govinda and Sakshi Shivanand. She also acted in Rakesh Sawant’s ‘Hot Money’ and was also seen in ‘Kuch Kaha Aapne’ with Ayub Khan and Mukesh Tiwari.
Also talking about the series Abhigyan Jha, the creator and director of the soap tells a leading daily, “When we were ideating on what should be the content of the first episode, the team felt it should be about freedom of expression.
My writers  Rahul and Varun  hit upon the idea of bringing out the banned cartoon character of Savita Bhabhi in flesh and blood and doing an interview. A quick search on the internet told me she was the biggest example of internet censorship in India and netizens were up in arms against the government's decision to ban a harmless cartoon character."
Savita Bhabhi was the first Indian cartoon porn website, featuring explicit depictions of the sexual adventures of a housewife named Savita. As soon as the Indian government censored it, Savita Bhabhi became a face of freedom of expessions campaign for the liberals.

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