Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gul Panag is being stalked!

Bollywood actress Gul Panag has a trouble of the kind that celebrities in particular tend to face a lot. She is being stalked! The actress posted on her Twitter account earlier today, “So I have finally joined the club of those being stalked. And it’s not fun. Calls, SMSs the works!! harassment trauma” Gul Panag continued, “Just got 5 calls from him. He is awake now after
having been up all night calling me. Solution: I don’t pick phone!”
The actress asked people following her on Twitter for advice to deal with the situation. “Can somebody help me with blocking/barring a particular number? I use an iPhone,” Gul Panag wrote. She added that, for her, “Police complaint will be last resort”Most of Gul Panag’s followers were supportive, but one tweet addressed to the actress was a bit nasty. “So folks gulpanag is so pompous and wants us to believe that now she’s famous since ppl r irritating her.
“Gul Panag reacted quite strongly to this. She tweeted to the person, “R you mad? being stalked and harassed has NOTHING to with being famous, madam psychologist.” Well, at least Gul Panag’s fans are on her side, and they are trying to help her out. “Thanks guys! Lots of input,” she tweeted. We hope she gets rid of her stalker soon too, cause like she says – it’s not fun!

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