Monday, April 5, 2010

Gen's watch Track

Fastrack, true to its brand name, has always promoted its image to mirror the youth of today and their way of life.

Standing for everything that is in accordance with the pace of Gen X, it will come as little surprise that.

The owners opt to take on the bubbly Genelia D'Souza for the role of their new brand ambassador!

Genelia recently shot for the commercial for the popular watch brand. The actress was busy with.

An outdoor shoot for an upcoming movie when the eager ad crew specifically made their way down to complete the shoot with her.

The photo shoot for the brand is done by the famous photographer Suresh Natrajan, who has worked with Genelia.

In many other commercials. With an ever increasing list of endorsements to her credit, a rising graph of her Bollywood career, Genelia is sure is onto a Fastrack!

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