Friday, April 9, 2010

Deepika miffed as Imran orders Ranbir to get ‘chai’ for him!

While actor Ranbir Kapoor recently made the effort to clear the air on his supposed rivalry with heartthrob Imran Khan, the latter apparently didn’t think twice before taking a dig at the Kapoor scion, and that too in front of Ranbir’s ex-lover Deepika Padukone.
But there’s a twist to this tale!Apparently, one lightman in the crew of Imran-Deepika starrer ‘Break Ke Baad’ is called ‘Ranbir’. While Bollywood’s young icons
Imran and Deepika were shooting.
On the sets of their upcoming flick ‘BKB’, Imran tried to play naughty as he ordered Ranbir (the lightman) to get tea for him! Our source reveals that whenever Deepika was around, Imran would naughtily call out to Ranbir (the lightman) and say, “Ranbir light fix kar. Ranbir chai la.” However, Deepika got peeved and asked the actor to stop teasing her. Nevertheless, Imran gave in to Dips’ request and immediately slipped back to his well-mannered self!

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