Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bollywood celebrities share their fitness tips

Kangna Ranaut: My fitness secret is my regular and disciplined yoga practice. Though I go to the gym and follow a good diet, it is yoga that helps me stay fit.
It creates strength in the body, provides flexibility and also strengthens the mind. Over the years, I have had.
An erratic schedule of shoots, outdoors etc. In spite of that I find time to do an hour of yoga everyday no matter where I am.
This discipline is the only way to
ensure you stay fit. Raima Sen: For me health and happiness go hand in hand!
I’m healthiest at my happiest and vice versa. But I believe that there are some essentials in terms of health that cannot be ignored. For instance, sunshine!
I may not be the proverbial early riser but as and when I can, I try and soak up some Vitamin D. At the risk of sounding cliché.
I think it is also extremely important to drink loads of water throughout the day. It makes sense. To keep away from deep-fried food, carbonated drinks and excess sweets. Finally, fish is what keeps my skin glowing and my hair glossy.

Neha Dhupia:
Fitness is a way of life for me. Working out and excercising not only serves as way of staying fit but also helps you focus on yourself and channelise your thoughts. I don’t stick to just going to the gym, but play a sport, do yoga and swim. We should also try to workout more outdoors because it serves as a break from our indoor city-driven life.

Nandana Sen:
To be truly fit we need to feel good about ourselves — be emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy! It’s also important to choose a recreational activity you enjoy. I adore bicycle rides and long walks on the beach. If I’m near a pool or lake, I go swimming. If I’m near a mountain, I go hiking. If I’m in a party town, I go dancing! And I feel fitter than ever if I get eight hours of sleep and eight glasses of water.

Sameera Reddy:
I drink loads of water. Every one hour I either have water or a glass of fresh juice. I don’t like too much of work outs in summers but I take a 45-minute walk and start my day with yoga to keep my body fit and mind calm.

Salman Khan:
Don’t starve yourself and don’t over- exercise. Always maintain a balanced diet and make sure you exercise to keep your body fit all the time. An unfit body is the root of all problems. Physical fitness leads to confidence as well as good health.

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