Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bipasha throws tantrum at an event

Bipasha Basu's tantrums are growing quite frequent. Most recently, she stomped out of.

A dealers' convention (organised by a brand she endorses) in Ahmedabad on Sunday night, after committing to it.

Reveals a source present at the event, "Bipasha was to make an appearance and the organisers were to pay her attendance fees immediately after.

She would be expected to attend, sit in for an hour, meet contest winners, give out prizes on stage, do some photo-ops and leave.

The actress came in more than an hour late. Nobody knows why." Quick exit That wasn't all.

The source adds that because Bipasha had come in late, she could only meet half the contest winners.

The event had started without her, She refused to wait for an hour saying she was in a hurry and had to leave.

The event managers and the brand folk refused. The actress got up, almost rudely ticking them off.

And stomped out to her car. In fact, she was so upset that she even left her managers behind before anyone could even react!"

She soon had a change of heart. Adds the source, "After driving halfway, Bips called the organisers and told them that she wanted to come back but by that time everyone had had enough of her moody, cranky behaviour. They politely told her that they didn't need her.

They had spoken to Malaika Arora Khan who was already present there (she was performing at the event) and she had agreed to step into Bipasha's shoes. In fact, the organisers are so livid with Ms Basu that they have even held her appearance payment back. You can't come to an event, insult people and walk away!" A nightmare

A source close to Bipasha says, "It was a logistical nightmare. There was a long waiting period between the two activities she was supposed to do. The event was within a certain timeline and it was one of those rare occasions where everything didn't fall in place. She wasn't late for the event nor was the event delayed because of her."

The source insists that it wasn't anybody's fault - not the organisers, nor Bipasha's nor the brand she endorses. "It's unfortunate that this happened and the onus is always on the artist to spearhead the course of events which follow after that.

Bips was the artist involved so unfortunately, the onus comes to her. If everyone had kept their cool, this unfortunate incident wouldn't have taken place."Why did she leave her managers stranded at the event? "Bipasha took one of her managers as she normally does. But most people would think she left the whole team behind, which is not true."

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