Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham - 3 reasons why they are not getting ma

Since 2002, Bollywood’s sizzling hot couples Bipasha and John have stood.
The test of time facing every hardship and controversies with ease and aplomb.
But, if you are putting your money on they getting married soon, then read this before you gamble away with your wealth.
Here I present the 3 reasons why the sultriest couples are still unwedded:
1. They are at the prime of their careers and don’t want to hasten the revered institution of marriage.

As they are focussed on the path ahead. It’s miles to go as the showbiz world beckons them.
2. The duo have been together for close to a decade and have developed faith for each other.
There is no insecurity between them and hence, even if they ring the wedding bells.
At 50, they will embrace the moment happily. 3. Both are enjoying their present status which is live-in relationship.
The breeze of the west has blown over them and the orthodox ideologies are passé; rather they think from the rational point of view. Why get yourself entangled in. A marital knot, when you are the happiest being unmarried and still being together. Let the romance not fade away under the glare of matrimony and enjoy every moment of togetherness. They believe in destiny and marriage will, surely, happen but when the fate rolls the perfect dice.

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