Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anushka owes pal Shahid Kapoor her life

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who will soon be seen in the film Badmaash Company, is enjoying her growing amity with co-star Shahid Kapoor. But she is pleased that rumours about her dating the actor have died a natural death.Since Anushka is conscious of how gossip mills work, she never bothered to give a explanation when the buzz about their romance started
doing the rounds. And although all the talk, her friendship with him is going strong.
These days Anushka can’t stop talking about how Shahid helped her during the movie shoot. He played the saviour for her on many occasions.”When we were shooting the music video for the film’s title track, a chandelier screwed loose and toppled down. Shahid used his company of mind and quickly pulled me aside. Meiyang Chang  was also present and he helped me too and we escaped the accident,” Anushka says.
But there is still no love story happening like in movies – the heroine falling for the saviour. Anushka is just awed by Shahid’s acting skills.

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