Sunday, April 25, 2010

Akshay Kumar shoots in less than 2 degrees

Akshay Kumar is quite positive about his forthcoming film Thank You for which he is shooting in Canada. But more than that Akshay is quite pleased about his acting profession and nowadays can’t stop going gaga about it. Latest is, while shooting in less than 2 degrees at Vancouver, he claims acting not be a cakewalk.
“Who said being an actor was a cake walk? Shooting an action series in downtown Vancouver in less than 2 degrees,” tweets Akshay on a micro-blogging site.
It may be noteworthy here, that some days ago Akshay had claimed that no even James Bond was born cool. So, there goes a lot amount of hard work to make you a better actor everyday. And thus, acting is a serious business.
Well, listening to all this, Akshay positively has come a long way both as an actor and has a great scope as a philosopher too. What say Mr. Kumar?

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