Sunday, April 25, 2010

Akshay and Salman bond at Twitter

While a hoard of Bollywood megastars seem to have come several steps closer to their fans, all thanks to the Twitter bug, macho guy Salman Khan has indeed won some hearts through the social networking site. Well, a few days back, actor Abhishek Bachchan hinted on a imaginary patch-up with Salman Khan as the former tweeted to support the actor when a journalist tried to take a take a dig at him. And now, none other than megastar Akshay Kumar is apparently making attempts to bond with Salman.

Despite the fact that Akshay prefers to lie low as far as his Twitter account is worried, unlike other B-town bigwigs who are involved in always updating their profile, the actor newly made it clear that he likes talking to Salman Khan.Our source says, “Though Akshay has been tweeting for months, he has for some reason not been interacting with other B-Town folks like the rest do. His posts are only for his fans.
It is strange that for all this while Akshay stayed clear from tweeting any of his Bollywood colleagues, but does not mind interacting with Sallu.” Well, it seems that Salman-Akshay’s budding friendship on Twitter would soon squash the buzz about the differences that the duo has supposedly had in the past.

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