Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aishwarya Rai-A natural stunner in the age of fake beauties

Even though Aishwarya has often been termed as ‘plastic’ by some, there is no iota of doubt that Aishwarya’s beauty is all natural and god-gifted.

It has often been claimed that Aishwarya is probably the only actress who has got best features and that too, perfect.

She has often been termed as the most beautiful woman of the world. Fellow actress Priyanka Chopra once commented that.

She thinks god was on a vacation when he made Aishwarya, whereas we, the mortals, were made in a day.

This complement itself speaks volumes about the beauty of this gorgeous lady who is now married to actor Abhishek Bacchan.

In fact, her hubby, in an interview claimed that she looks as much perfect when she gets up in the morning after the night’s sleep, as when she is making people drooling by appearing in front of the camera.

She did a non glamorous role in a Bengali film called”Chokher Bali “where she was draped in a white sari for most of the time. Even though she was not allowed to wear make-up, the beautiful lady looked absolute fresh and radiant in the movie.

She earned much critical acclaim and praise for her role as a widow in the movie. The ravishing beauty was ready to go without make-up once again in the film’Provoked’and received rave reviews for her role of a battered housewife.

Bollywood today has very strict notions of what is beautiful and what is not. Actresses today don’t think twice to get under the knife to get that very perfect look. Even though the results have been disastrous in case of some actresses, the popularity of cosmetic surgery has not diminished even a bit.

Aishwarya, on the other hand, can be an example of how a natural beauty can be so stunning. She is 36 today, but does not look like. She has maintained herself well and her still gives off the same radiance and warmth even after so many years. No matter she has been called plastic by some, this elegant woman gets our vote for being a natural beauty.

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